A well woman exam is a critical part of maintaining optimal health. At Memorial Women’s Specialists in Houston, Texas, Mina Sinacori, MD, MPH, FACOG, and M. Bruce Christopherson, MD, FACOG, provide highly experienced and thorough well-woman exams for women in all stages of life — from adolescence to menopause and beyond. These exams offer important preventive care and can catch any complications early when they’re easiest to treat. Call for an appointment or book online today.

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Why is an annual well-woman exam necessary?

An annual well-woman exam at Memorial Women’s Specialists provides you with the screenings and education you need to maintain optimal reproductive and pelvic health.

In addition to providing you with the information necessary to help you maintain good health, a well-woman exam is a time to sit down with a qualified provider, review your health history, cover any changes in your health, and get feedback about symptoms or concerns you may have regarding your reproductive life.

What types of issues are addressed at a well-woman exam?

When you come to Memorial Women’s Specialists for a well-woman exam, you should be prepared to discuss any unusual symptoms, such as an irregular discharge, pelvic pain, or pain during intercourse.

If you’re older than 21, you’ll undergo a pelvic exam to evaluate the health of your pelvic organs, look for irregular tissue, screen for infection, and perform important preventive tests such as a Pap smear. You may also need a blood or urine screening. The analysis is run at the in-office lab, so your results come back in a timely manner.

During a well-woman exam, you’ll undergo a clinical breast exam to look for signs of breast cancer. Women older than 40 are referred for regular mammograms.

Other gynecological issues addressed at your well-woman exam include:

  • STD testing
  • Menopause management
  • Birth control options, like IUDs and Nexplanon®
  • HPV testing and treatment
  • Vaccines, including for HPV

A well-woman exam helps you take control of your reproductive health, which affects your overall quality of life.

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a screening for cervical cancer. While an abnormal Pap smear result is not a diagnosis of cancer, it does indicate irregular cells that require further examination.

During a Pap smear, your OB/GYN uses a swab or brush to take a sample of cells from your cervix. The test isn’t painful, but you might feel some pressure.

The sample is evaluated by a lab to look for abnormalities. If a further evaluation determines you’re at risk for cervical cancer, know that it’s highly treatable in the early stages. This is why regular Pap smears are so important.

Your first Pap smear is usually conducted around age 21 and continues on a regular schedule throughout your life.

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